I’ve practiced yoga for more that 15 years. One of the concepts that originally resonated for me and kept pulling me back to my mat was the concept of “finding my edge.” In yoga, your edge is the place just past your comfort zone, where things are challenging (but not painful!) and where – with deliberate attention and repeated practice – growth occurs. It’s also unique to each person: what’s challenging for me might be easy for someone else. And because it’s an edge, not a finish line, there will always be some way to deepen, expand and grow when I show up on my mat.

Combine this philosophy with my love of leadership development, and you can see how Infinite Edge was born! As an executive coach, my goal is to help you figure out where your current edge is as a leader and a human, then explore what’s just beyond it that could bring you more effectiveness, ease, satisfaction or joy.  I won’t make you do a down-dog to get there, but I will push you to keep evolving!


Alison’s questions were spot on. I feel like they got to the root of what was going on, and forced me to think about what I could do to better my situation.


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