I’ve practiced yoga regularly for more than a decade. One of the reasons I love it is because it encourages students to find their “edge,” which is the place that is just past the comfort zone, where things are challenging (but not painful!) and where – with deliberate attention – growth occurs. Seven years ago, I found myself on my yoga mat, wishing I could capture this concept and apply it in the business world to help other professionals discover, explore and expand their own edge… and that is what led me to coaching!

Clients hire me because they desire change. Sometimes the change is very specific – like developing a skill, preparing for a promotion, learning techniques to overcome challenges – other times, it’s creating movement when they’re feeling stuck, exploring values/beliefs to find a more meaningful connection between work and life, or chasing the ever-moving target of a life in balance. Bottom-line: I’m passionate about helping people grow, and I measure my effectiveness by helping clients achieve their goals.

Alison’s questions were spot on. I feel like they got to the root of what was going on, and forced me to think about what I could do to better my situation. – VP, GMMB

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