Book Groups


Join our virtual Bullet-Point Book Group for leaders!

Great leaders know that lifelong learning is key – and yet you’re busier than ever, so your own development is one of the things has likely fallen by the wayside. That’s why we’ve created a simple way to ensure you’re taking time for your own growth – without taking too much time away from your business.

What It Is: 

  • It’s a group that meets VIRTUALLY (via laptop video) for 90 minutes each month
  • We discuss one book over the course of three sessions
  • You’re encouraged to read the book, but I’ll provide a “bullet-point” summary of key ideas in case the clock gets away from you
  • Our discussion will tie the book to REAL-LIFE challenges and ways to apply the concepts on the job
  • You’ll have a chance to connect with other leaders from outside your organization through the monthly discussion

In addition to keeping it “bite-sized” so it’s not a huge time commitment, this format allows people to test ideas and report back on them. From a learning perspective, this tends to be a more effective approach than simply plowing through a book and moving on to the next thing – or even attending a two-day seminar and returning to work without a chance to apply the learnings.


The three virtual sessions are scheduled quarterly, based on schedule preferences received from participant applications (see below). For $200, you receive:

  • A copy of the book: Kim Scott’s “Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity”
  • An intimate community of no more than 12 other leaders to share ideas with
  • Three 90-minute virtual video sessions that don’t require you to leave your desk
  • A bulleted summary of key concepts from the book
  • Exercises designed to raise your own self-awareness as a leader



If this sounds fun to you, please complete this form to express your interest! We’ll collect applications quarterly and will propose a calendar of sessions before confirming your participation. (Note: you won’t be asked for payment until you confirm that the proposed schedule works for you.)