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A Book for These Divisive Times

I'm going to admit: whenever someone is mainstream enough that Oprah endorses them, it usually prompts me to turn and run in the other direction. It's not that I don't like Oprah - it's that I prefer to carve my own path and avoid things that seem trendy. As a result, although I loved Brené… Continue reading A Book for These Divisive Times

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Bite-Sized Book Review: Rework

Finally! A business book that I didn't abandon at the 40% mark. There are three main reasons for that: It's too short to abandon. Technically 288 pages, it's served up as bite-sized essays with lots of illustrations and a lot of white space, so I moved through it in a breeze. It's really well written.… Continue reading Bite-Sized Book Review: Rework

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Is TIME the biggest barrier to your development?

Since I moved into coaching full-time, I've found that leaders often get a bit sheepish around me. "I know my development is important," one recently confessed, "but I just can't seem to find the time to focus on myself." I assured him that he wasn't alone - I actually hear that a lot. In fact, just… Continue reading Is TIME the biggest barrier to your development?