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5 Ways You Can Foster a Resilient Mindset

In my previous post, I shared why I think it's important for leaders to cultivate resilience in the midst of these unprecedented times, and I started by focusing on the foundation for resilience: caring for our physical selves. The next layer – and if I'm being honest, the one where I see a lot of… Continue reading 5 Ways You Can Foster a Resilient Mindset

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What’s your story?

One simple (yet challenging) shift I try to help my clients made: recognizing the stories they're telling themselves. Why does this matter? Because if we can recognize our stories, we have the power to change them, and I'm all about helping people connect with the most powerful versions of themselves. Let me back up and… Continue reading What’s your story?

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Are you busy or lazy? Same thing.

In designing the next session of a leadership workshop I'm facilitating, I came across this quote, from Tim Ferriss: “Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.” Ouch. Tim's not pulling any punches there, is he? When's the last time you caught yourself telling someone you were busy? Or wearing… Continue reading Are you busy or lazy? Same thing.