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5 Ways You Can Foster a Resilient Mindset

In my previous post, I shared why I think it's important for leaders to cultivate resilience in the midst of these unprecedented times, and I started by focusing on the foundation for resilience: caring for our physical selves. The next layer – and if I'm being honest, the one where I see a lot of… Continue reading 5 Ways You Can Foster a Resilient Mindset

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Tips for Leading a Virtual Team

As we try to limit COVID-19's spread, many organizations and institutions are starting to test their contingency plans and shift to more virtual work options. I've heard a LOT of leaders voicing concerns about the shift toward managing remote employees. Having managed almost exclusively remote teams for more than a decade, here are five key… Continue reading Tips for Leading a Virtual Team

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New year, new word!

In my last post, I tried to make the case for reflection. I closed by summarizing 2019 in one word (balance) and choosing a word to embrace in 2020. The word I chose for this new year/decade was "optimize." And I have to confess, after sitting with it for a couple weeks, it's just not… Continue reading New year, new word!