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Keep yourself focused: with an intention.

As a leader, you're probably used to setting three big things: Vision Priorities Goals In our current climate where we don't have a clear sense of what the future holds, it might take a bit of time before you're able to fully adjust and share your vision. Since things are changing each day, you're probably… Continue reading Keep yourself focused: with an intention.

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5 Ways You Can Foster a Resilient Mindset

In my previous post, I shared why I think it's important for leaders to cultivate resilience in the midst of these unprecedented times, and I started by focusing on the foundation for resilience: caring for our physical selves. The next layer – and if I'm being honest, the one where I see a lot of… Continue reading 5 Ways You Can Foster a Resilient Mindset

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What leaders need now: Resilience.

We're living in unprecedented times, as became clear earlier this week when we learned that the U.S. won't be receiving flights from Europe for the next month, that the NBA was suspending its season, that NCAA has canceled March Madness – not to mention the Dow deciding to drop it like it's hot, officially marking… Continue reading What leaders need now: Resilience.